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Android Trick – Developer Settings for Automatic Battery Charged

Android Trick – Android Developer Settings for Automatic Battery Charged

Android comes with many great features that can help you to build your Android in many dimensions. But, this could dangerously if you know nothing inside the Android developer options. Using an Android phone happens to a privilege situation in the case of gadget usage. Android comes with many great many features you will feel very okay while using your Android gadget, in the World today almost 89% of human uses Android gadget these may happen in two different reasons:

Why using Android Phone:

1.) Lack of money to afford an iPhone, iPod, ETC.
2.) Personal choose of a choice.

Most gratitude to Android builders, they made lives of gadget usage very easy, getting an iPhone or iPod would have been a thing of heck! lol… To say the truth ANDROID BUILDERS had made things on gadget usage very easy that even down to a kid can afford Android with a low cost.! You can easily purchase with low capitals (money) before you save your money to get yourself an iPhone or iPod.:)

Android comes with many great features that will allow you to use your gadget without any limitation comparing to those higher Gadget phones like iPhone or iPod for example. An iPhone can not share files with another gadget like music almost everything is getting them using the money you see what I am saying, their set of usage is limited! In this very post, I displayed and teach you how you can charge your low Android battery to become full in power, are you surprised? I am not saying the battery will remain intact just the way it should be when it is charged using electricity but, Android trick that we can perform if you are an Android Phone user.

Android Trick – Android Developer Settings for Automatic Battery Charged

To perform this operator without having any errors I strongly encourage you to follow this step by step. What you must know any settings that involve using the Android developer option can be critical and deadly you can end up in breaking your Android phone if you missed doing the settings! I believe that is the major the reason why the features (Android Developer Option) is hidden until you unlock it by then, you now understand how it works. Pay your full eyes on every word and sentence of guilds displayed here in this article. In order to move in the settings, you have to become a DEVELOPER by unlocking this option and invoke its appearance.

How to unlock and enable Developer options on any Android phone.

A teen Android users will have no idea how this option works but, if you are familiar with this stuff you can understand this language. When you get a new gadget Android precisely, you have to unlock the developer option yourself that is, the option is locked and needs to be unlocked. I also provide with the screenshot to make you fully understand how to do it. Check out the screen using this slide down.

  • How to Unlock Android Developer Option in Android new Phone.
  • How to Unlock Android Developer Option in Android new Phone.How to Unlock Android Developer Option in Android new Phone.
  • How to Unlock Android Developer Option in Android new Phone.
1.) Open your Android settings.
2.) Swipe down to About Phone and click it.
3.) Swipe down to Build number.
4.) Tap or click on the "Build Number" randomly until it gets to seven (7) times.
5.) At the seven times clicks, a flash message will be displayed with indicating "You are now a Developer"

Congratulations you are now 1 off of the trails to your success! After unlocking the developer option follow this step by steps to the tutorial. I provide with screenshot too to clearly make you understand the scenario. And I also placed the video on this very tutorial you can watch this video too. We can be of two human kids.
Feel lazy to read
Feel lazy to watch.
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Android TrickAndroid Developer Settings for Automatic Battery Charged

  • How to Unlock Android Developer Option in Android new Phone.
  • Android trick and tips
  • Android tricks and tips
  • Android tricks and tips
1.) Open your Android setting options.
2.) Scrow down and click the Developer Option.
3.) Swipe down a little and click the option called "DEMO MODE"
4.) There you will found two switch tab "Enable demo mode and show demo mode"

Making the settings done in this way, congratulation you will see the changes on your Android bar tab appearance the new look. Please, I must warn if, you are a novice using Android developer options please, don’t play with the rest option settings you might end u breaking and losing your phone? Thank you very much for spending time reading these articles I hope these were insightful to you. Join your friends that love new Android tricks and tips using my newsletter to be the first to receive my latest updates.

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