Top Best 5 Free Media Player Software for Windows 10 Download

Best media player for windows 10

Best Media player for windows 10

For every PC or Desktop runing windows 10 need best media player for windows 10. I believed, the idea of looking for best media player for windows 10 is very important because, not everyvideo  can perform well on and system runing window 10.

Some of the video player software on windows 10 will not performed as espected and some will cause runing on background. Media player software runing in background will tent to consum alot of RAM. If you run windows 8.1 pro, you can learn how to Increase RAM of any PC move faster with just a clip.

What should I expect from a great Windows 10 video player?

What one should expect from a great Media Player for Windows 10 is the ability to handle and comprise any kinds of videos files format. In this post we are going to provide some of the recommended best media player for windows 10 that you can use to use as your temporal or default video player.

Believe me any video player software that cause system to run in background can consum alot of RAM. This can make the system to run slowly and become sophicated. Check out the simple way to exit a running background softwares.

How to Exit Video Player Software Runing in Background

How to Exit Video Player Software Runing in Background

Drive your mouse and click on “EXPAND KEY ON DOWN PART SYSTEM”
Right click on the software ICON and Click the “EXIT OPTION”

With the above option you will be able to close any software runing in background which could slow down your computer.

Best 5 video Player for Windows 10 Download

Best media player for windows 10

VLC Media Player
DivX Player

5KPlayer Software

5KPlayer media player software

5KPlayer Software: Yes! This great software is one of default media player that I make use of each time I want to watch movies. 5K media player software is a free strong media player software that support almost all the video files format player. This good aspect of this free software is that, you can also use it to download videos online, like videos from YouTube.

5K video player is one of the recommended video player that you try in your system. Can be able to play all videos format. 5K Video Player Software also have the ability to run in background in a system but, with my past experienced, it worth it! You can exit t
e software if not needed to run in background.

Download 5kplayer Software 

VLCMedia Player

VLC Media Player

VLC Video player: VLC media player is a free video player software that is capatible to all windows and capable to read files such as: CDS, DVDS, NETWORK STREAMS, CAPTURE CARD as well and many more. VLC had been helping till now in the aspect of playing heavy video files.

VLC video player had been in existing since in 1996 to date by VideoLAN Team. As one of the best recommended software for best media player for windows 10, VLC media player is one of them which you can try with no regrete.

Download VLC media player software

KM Media Player

KMPlayer media player software

KM Media Player: Best media player for windows 10 KM media player is also recommended. KM Media player is a free great software that is campatible to play any kinds of videos format. With this KM Media player software you can be able to stream your favourites video with out files errors signals.

When its come to top best media player for windows 10 or any system runing any windows KM Media player is also recommended. One of the great features of this media player software is that, it is highly advanced and you will not be charged for download.

Download KM Media player software


PotPlayer: Unlike the others, Potplayer is a free media player that was developed by South Korean internet company kakao. Potplayer is one of the recommended media player on window 10 or any operating system runing any windows.

Potplayer also got the chance to competes with other pupolar media players available for windows operating system. The great features of this software is that is free to install into your system without future payment.

Download Pot player software


DivXPlayer media player

DivX Player: Is a free meedia player software develop by DivX, LLC. DivXplayer is capable to play, convert and cast videos in all kinds of videos files format. DivXplayer provide high quality video playback.

Download Divx Media player software 

These are some of the recommended Best Free Media Player Software for Windows 10 or any system runing any windows. All the above software are totally free for offline video streaming.

We will update this articles if we find another useful free media player software and you can also recommend any if any from your own experience.

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