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How to Check BVN using USSD Code on any Network

Verifying your bank account, your account must be active either GTBANK, ECO BANK, UBA BANK, UNITY BANK, ETC, without linking your Bank verification number (BVN) is just like a dead tree that cannot generate fruits! Don’t forget to check out the previous post related to these articles.

In this article, I will disclose to you how to view your BANK VERIFICATION NUMBER (BVN) if you have lost it. It is very import that immediately you register for BVN you should write all the details down because it can be forgotten in no time.

How did Bank Verification Number (BVN) Originate

On February 14, 2014, The Central Bank of Nigeria through the Banker’ Committee and in collaboration with all banks in Nigeria launched a centralized biometric identification system. For the banking industry tagged Bank Verification Number (BVN). Hoping, this can help in reducing fraud transactions done by various Customers.

In the nutshell, per person is alow to maintain a single BVN and this track your personal details. BVN number is always linked to all the banks account a person is operating in Nigeria which clearly captures the monitoring circuit of all your Banks account transactions with this, frauds and illegal transactions.

What is the Meaning BVN?

BVN or Bank Verification Number is an 11 digits code own by a Bank account Users which the any Bank in Nigeria use to identify one details for security purpose.

Operating a bank account without a Bank verification, the account tends to limit its access. The truth is that you can use it to receive money from any Bank account in Nigeria like GTBANK Bank Verification Number Code, UNION BANK Bank Verification Number Code, ZENITH BANK Bank Verification Number Code, UBA BANK Bank Verification Number Code, ETC but any transaction from your end is limited i.e you can not use it to make transactions except you verifying the account.

Top 3 Benefits Of Linking BVN into my Account

1.) Your Bank Accounts are protected from unauthorized access.
2.) It reduces fraudulent activities on the bank account.
3.) It gives easy access to Banking operations.

There are many different ways to link your bank verification number in any bank you are operating without going to the bank. In this post, I will show you how to view know your BVN number if forgotten.

It works with the entire network of all the Nigeria Banks but the only problem is if you have forgotten your BVN number to recover it back you are going to be a charge for that.

For you to view your BVN number which works in all the networks in Nigeria you should have a small amount of credit at least 20NAIRA make sure after you have successfully view the bank verification number you put down all the digits to avoid losing it again which will cost another credit.

How to check BVN via USSD CODE

  • Open your dial phone section
  • Dial *565*0# with the registered phone number
  • Charges fees of 20NAIRA
  • Your Bank Verification Number will deliver to you shortly.

If you still find it difficult to see your BVN while trying this method, another alternative is the video below:

The USSD code above can help you check your BVN if lost. Please, you should know after been charge accordingly you should note the details down. Thank you for reading the article. I hope it was helpful and insightful.

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  1. When I mistakenly lost my BVN number where I write it, I was like it is unrecoverable until I came across this post. Thank you for this helpful post.

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