Namecheap: How to Link Namecheap Domain Name with Blogger Blog
Namecheap Linking with Blogger Domain

Namecheap: How to Link Namecheap Domain Name with Blogger Blog

How to Link Namecheap Domain Name with Blogger Blog? Before coming up with this tutorial I made some a lot of research on peoples’ searches. After my research, I found that many people are looking for a way to get this tutorial to help them to link your Domain Namecheap domain name with Blogspot (Blogger blog).

To link your Namecheap domain name with your blogger blog is pretty easy and difficult for those that are not familiar with the system. I was searching for a way to link one of my client Domain names with Blogger Blog after I order a Domain name from Namecheap.

I decided to contact their support center but they were unable to resolve the issue to my satisfaction I was depressed until I figure out the solution now I am going to share out the solution to you guys “How to Link Namecheap Domain Name with Blogger Blog” no need to start to contact your domain provided or submitting tecket….

Is Namecheap Good for Hosting and Domain Name is one of the leading Domain sellers and Hosting providers that we all know and their package is supper not minding their billing. They also offer 50% of your first purchase when you order for the Hosting package. Namecheap also gives free .website domain name for your hosting packages(depends on your packages hosting) with free SSL certificate if you are hosting with them!

I started being with Namecheap for the past few years now and its peaceful atmosphere with them. You can start your company with or for personal (Business) and I guarantee you 94% no worry.

How to get Namecheap Promo code Domain For 0.98$

  • Goto
  • Click on Search Domain Name.
  • Add to Cart and order for your Domain.
  • That is all you have to do!
How to Link or Change CNAME Records Namecheap Domain Name with Blogger Blog

To connect your domain name to Blogger blog is very simple to do that, follow the instruction with the screenshot below to change your CNAME records to Blogger blog.

  • Goto and click the sign-in page to login your account.
  • Locate the domain name you wish to connect to Google hosting(Blogger blog)
  • Click on Advance DNS records and locate them as the screenshot shown below.
  • Select from the drop down and choose “CNAME RECORDS
  • Click on Add New Records to add another Records section.
  • Open your dashboard and locate Add third parties domain name from the basic setting.
  • Type in the domain name by adding “
  • After inserting the domain name, it will then generate your CNAME records like the screenshot below.

Go back to your domain advance DNS type in as the screenshot is shown below.

After setting everything exactly the way they are in the screenshot, go back to the Blogger dashboard and click the save button.

Waite for like 15minutes, your website will start working fine.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and if you find this useful please hit the sharing button to share with friends. You can subscribe to my channel for more tips and tricks updates. Thank you.

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