OLX India: How to Make Money with OLX.IN In Kerala

How to make money on olx.com site in India, Kerala or any other place that OLX is such as Argentina, Nigeria, Indonesia, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. Basically, this article will be base on How to Make Money with OLX.IN In India, Kerala and sell your used Mobile Phones, even your ebook and services and a lot of more that can generate you more money on OLX in India, Kerala? Olx India, Kerala you can post your stuff you want to sell online on OLX.

Recently, a friend of mine who resides in India, Kerala bought a working Re-regenerator in India, Kerala and wanted to put it off on sale.

I recommend OLX to him in INDIA, KERALA and he did! This happened just like a magic which made him sell off the stuff immediately. In India, Olx is also available where you can post your Ads free of charge, no bill!

The truth in this is these days, many people preferred getting stuff online than offline so, OLX is one the best way to put your stuff on sale. You might be looking for a way on how to sell your used stuff like; Cars, Motorcycle, Mobile Phones, ETC. OLX in India, Kerala is one of the best places to post you used stuff for free and sell it with just minutes.

How OLX India, Kerala Sell?

How OLX India, Kerala Sell
How OLX Sell

OLX India, Kerala is an online platform for marketers and buyers but, this does not involve shopping place to carts goods and shipping for delivery. How OLX India, Kerala sell? This platform gives you the ability to post your Ads for free in your Countries, states prospectively to find a quick buyer of your stuff directly.

This could be by having a facial conversation between the people for the meeting for the exchange to avoid scammed! In the original sense, OLX India, Kerala helps you to look for the buyer(s) for your used stuff you want to sell.

Does Olx Allow Ads?

Yes! OLX allows you to post Ads to get more audience that is interested in your used stuff. What are Featured Ads in OLX? Featured Ads is a premium service from OLX which allows you to display your listings on the first four slots on the top of the categories’ pages, that shift alternately with other featured ads. This service is applicable for both desktop and mobile App.


According to Wikipedia.org, The OLX INDIA marketplace is a platform for just buying and selling of services and goods such as electronics, fashion items, furniture, household goods, Properties, cars, and bikes.

Is Posting my Free Ads on OLX Limited?

It is clear that there is no posting limited or your post per day will be limited. The posting differences are free Limits and Paid Ads are both on the basis of Ads ‘posted’ and not ‘active’ Ads.

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What Payments Method OLX Accept?

OLX online payment method they accept is currently available through the below payments means:

  • Visa, MasterCard or any Credit or Debit card
  • Jazz Cash shop (you generate code and take it to the nearest Jazz Cash shop to make the payment) You might also need their help here

OLX App on Play Store, Apple Store, and IOS

You can try any of the OLX App below from the Play Store and also available for Apple Store. Buy, sell and find just about anything using the app on your mobile. Get your app today Play Store OLX, Apple Store OLX and OLX Classifieds for iOS.

How to Sign Up for OLX INDIA, Kerala: OLX In India

  • Visit Olx India and click the “Register a New Account with OLX” button in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Choose the choice you wish to create the account. You just have to log in with your Email or Facebook.
  • Your account will be active and lively.

OLX India, Kerala has over 1000’s ads available in India of goods and services for sale. There you can sell or buy used Buy cars, Buy Mobile Phone, Buy Moto-Cycle. You can also sell or buy something from OLX. You can also check India’s OLX help Center.

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