SSL Free Certificate On Blogger Blog For Custom Domain

Setting SSL free Certificate on your Blogger blog comes in a very simple way to perform. Recently GOOGLE new update states that websites with no SSL certificate will be marked as unsecured websites. Setting SSL free certificate on Websites or Blogs is essential these and without that, you can lose your visitors.

GOOGLE new updates had made it as a privilege for those hosting on to get SSL free certificate on Blogger Blog even for custom domain names. In this post, I am going to give you the tutorial on how to get Free SSL certificates On Blogger Blog on the custom Domain name in a very simple way.

What you must understand here is that these do not include Cloudflare SSL as we all know too they give free SSL for websites and Blogs too but, this trick is within Blogger blog settings.

What is SSL?

SSL certificates are files that respond to the secured server to communication key that bind one’s details when installing a web server. SSL certificate is always shown as a padlock on the top left bar of a browser with green color (SECURE WEB) which indicates “HTTPS PROTOCOL” that allows secure server connection.

Free SSL sites Giver

When it comes to getting free SSL certificates, of what I know of, Cloudflare free SSL offers the best free SSL of all platforms being it Blogger blog on a custom domain or hosted on WordPress sites. Google recently update Free SSL certificates on Blogger blog for free at no cost!

Where can I buy SSL Certificate and How Much

SSL free certificate can be gotten from a trusted SSL seller that requires you to start with just $4.95 for the first year. Comodo SSL is one of the best SSL sellers that offer a discount.

How to Set SSL Free Certificate On Blogger Blog for Custom Domain

To successfully install SSL free Certificate on your Blogger Blog custom Domain, you need to follow the below guilds with screenshot for the best explanation. After finishing linking your custom domain name on your blogger blog now, let us get the tutorial on how to install SSL free certificate on your blogger blog for free at no cost!

  • Login into your Blogger Blog dashboard
  • Click on the link “
  • Change it to become “” and reload
  • HTTPS Availability On Blogger: will be available for the domain name and select the drop down and select HTTPS.
  • HTTPS Redirect On Blogger: This option will still be available also. Select yes to help website redirect from “http to https”.


Hey, I hope this article was useful and helpful. That is the privilege to those whose websites or blogs on Blogger, you can now get SSL free certificate for your Blogger blog with the custom domain name without spending a dime to buy one for yourself.

And the good parts are that its a lifetime SSL free certificate and no bill attach to it. Please, share these articles to your social media timeline and subscribe to our newsletter.

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