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Successful YouTube tips - How to become a youtuber as a beginner

Youtube tips for Beginners – Successful Youtube Tips

Making your Channel grow faster its require you a lot of things to become a successful YouTuber. was one of the easiest ways to earn money online from not until they change their policy and rules.

You can be working with a small Channel and apply for YouTube monetization and instantly you will be approved but, not anymore! Check out YouTube latest updates Rules and policy updates. If you want to know more, you ask your question here YouTube Official community.

Although, there are many ways to Earn Money while staying online not just to allow the internet to suck your monthly data subscriptions. Why don’t subscribe to my newsletter to get my daily updates?

How to be More Successful on YouTube Tips

1.) Be Consistent.
2.) Ready to give up Time.
3.) Don't compare to other big YouTubers.
4.) Always do plan on posting videos.
5.) Spend times in searching for the best Keyword.
6.) Select your Niche.
7.) Don't spam.!
8.) Don't go for Money first.
9.) Create a Website for your YouTube Channel.

Be Consistent

In the internet world today especially when you are into online marketing, YouTuber, Blogger, etc. The most thing you should hold on is to be consistency in your field. Stick together in what you are doing no matter what. If you must succeed in the YouTube field, you must be consistency doing what you are in to. Don’t mind if you’re not getting income fast as expected. To be successful is not a daily issue. This is the most major reason why some YouTubers quite the field. I have seen many of my friends quitting because they thought it indifference dimension which was later brought to their understanding in the right way that makes them stuck! Be consistency!

Always to Sacrifice Time:

This where some find it heck! They will tell you I can’t believe I spent the whole of my time for shit! The most important you should not neglect out of this in any online stuff is “TIME” it consumes times but, it’s worth it. You have to sacrifice the time. Spend time in creating new videos.

Don’t Compare to Other Big YouTubers:

They started just like you! Why trying to be in their shoe why the time is yet to come? When I looked at all those top YouTubers Channels it’s only inspired me to go for more of my work. The reason why I included this is, you might see those top YouTubers monthly earning from YouTube you will feel so frustrated because, your small Channel cannot generate any incomes now, that alone can drives you into discouragement because you are not earning any shit! Never compare your small start with those at the top now. Remember they started exactly the way you start too.

Daily Videos Updates:

The easiest way to make YouTube notice your Channel is by giving out videos on a daily basis. I once told friends if at least all your videos are not sparking and trends on YouTube he should pray for just a video to get ranked on YouTube. The reason is this when one of your videos is a spark and start trending on YouTube, you will definitely get subscribers, you are been lifted up! Always try to drop a video on a daily basis.

Keyword Proper Researching:

The other way of sparking your videos is by selecting the right keywords. Keyword helps searchers to get his right videos “solution” he is looking for. For example. A searcher is searching this keyword “YouTube best intro videos” and your video contents are exactly what you uploaded on YouTube but, your keyword is different from the searcher then, your video will not be noticed in any! So, always try to select the right keyword for your videos.

Niche Selections:

This is where most of the YouTubers got everything wrong! Don’t and never upload any videos that are not related to your niches. Example, your content cannot be of FOOTBALL and you are missing the videos with HEALTH or ENTERTAINMENT. To become a successful YouTuber, you should be able to select your niches and upload related videos. The only I can advise when you are upload different video is by using PLAYLIST to separate the video. Choose your niche wisely.

Don’t do Spamming:

YouTube keeps on updating its policies and rules. Your YouTube channel can be terminated for just spamming all for getting traffics and subscribers. Doing spamming can hurt your hard work on YouTube. Always do your links in the right ways and wait for GOD miracles. Don’t spam, if your links are reported randomly and YouTube investigate truly, you are doing spamming, The next thing is account termination.

Don’t Focus on Money

You may be contradicting this but, bro is the real fact! Reflash back on “DON’T COMPARE TO OTHER BIG YOUTUBERS” when your first target of being into the system is all for money then, succeeding is at risk. Try to avoid initiating the idea of getting the money fast. There is time for everything to work hard and your hardship will bring your huge income one day.

Create a Website or Blog for your YouTube Channel

I know YouTube is a platform that needs no capital to start on. There are many free hosting plans where you can host your blog or website. examples of these are:

Top Free Hosting with Free Domain Names


You can successfully host free sites using one of these free platforms and go for a free domain name you can also get that from register your free domain name.

Upload your video there. The reason why I support this idea is, your blog can appear on the first page of the search engine when a searcher clicks the links, they must watch your video.:)

Also Read:

Free Website hosting and Domain Name Unlimited

YouTube intro videos – What is YouTube intro Animation Video?

YouTube short animation intro video is a way of getting your Audience full attention. It helps you to attract your visitors, even those that did know how to make a clip of subscribing action, with the help of your Select the Bell Icon short Animation video, they will definitely know how to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

Download my sectional intro animation video of all kinds:

There are many types of YouTube intro videos but, I must warn you in this aspect there are some Intro Videos that are marked! using such in your video can be a risk “strike can be welcomed at any time” You can check out my Short Intro video that you can use freely with no risk! Download it here but, you must be my subscribers before the downloading link will appear.

How to make YouTube Intro Short Animation Videos. For you to be able to do this on your own, you need the below requirement.

How to Make Pro Intro video for YouTube – Requirement for Making YouTube Intro Videos

1.) A snapshot of your YouTube channel:
      a.) Unsubscribed shot.
      b.) Subscribe shot and 
      c.) And Bell Rings shot.
2.) Green Hand Animation short video.
3.) Sound for "SELECT THE BELL ICON MP3" 
4.) Video Editor "Kinemaster"
5.) You need your Brain too!

As for the sound record, you can search the web and download it. Many websites can provide that with copyright free. After getting all this requirement all set. Watch the video below to fully know how you can create a short animation video yourself without ordering from

If you have any question you can please drop it and I will be glad to support you. Make sure you join my newsletter we have many of your friends that received our daily updates immediately we upload new content and new videos as well. Please share this post and subscribe to my YouTube channel to always see our new updates. Thank you.

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