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What is swift BIC for UBA

What is Swift Code BIC for UBA

What is Swift Code BIC for UBA

Do you use UBA “United Bank for African” and you are looking for its Swift Code for UBA? then, then this post is for you. To make any foreign Bank online trasaction will not be completed without the switf code of that particular Bank you are making payment to.

In this article, we are going to state down the swift code for UBA (UNITED BANK OF AFRICA). In our previous articles, we discussed on a similar topic on GTBANK Swift code which convered all what you need to know about GTBANK swift code and how to get yours.

But first, there are still some important point you need to understand how Swift Code of any Bank worked which is needed to do any online trasaction to you local bank account or outside the Countries.

What is Swift Code of any Bank?

A SWIFT code is an international bank code that identifies particular banks in the worldwide. It’s also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). Commencial Bank uses SWIFT codes to send money to overseas banks to receive payment to you local bank account.

Just like I said, without SWIFT code a foreign online Bank trasaction cannot be completed either making trasaction to oversea or to local bank and any swift code of any Bank consists of 8 or 11 Aphabets.

What is the major purpose of Swift Code?

What is the major purpose of bank Swift Code?
Bank Swift Code

If you glance through well from the first paragraph, Swift Code of any Bank allow you to complete any online bank trasaction that you are making which can outside or inside the Countries.

Mostly, people that deal with online foreign Company with espected payment every month on daily as the maybe or making tasaction to oversea. Most the Company will reqiure you to link your local bank account which also espect Swift Code of the bank you are using. So in saying, without the Swift Code you cannot make any payment to your local bank account.

In particular, this article will cover only UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (U.B.A) swift code which will help you to cover and complete your trasaction either in and out. Below is the U.B.A swift Code.

What is swift BIC for UBA (UNITED BANK OF AFRICA)?

How can I get my GTBank Swift code?

What is swift BIC Code for UBA swift code

The swift code for UBA is UNAFNGLA. With the Swift Code transfere money between banks, especially for international money transfers via bank wire and making online payment to oversea and receiving payment to your local Bank account.

These format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) is its unique identification code that every customers should be able to identify his/her Bank.

If you have any question regarding this article on What is swift BIC for U.B.A (UNITED BANK OF AFRICA)? you can use the comments to ask your questions.

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