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Best way to Track my Location to avoid Data Encryption

The only effective way you could track my location on any Android phone is by following this procedure. In this article, we are going to show you a simple method to track my location using your Android phone.

It is mostly very true that everyone what to be secured especially when using the net to solve some personal or public situation. I will agree with the words “secure your location” is very important because of the following reasons:

  1. Avoid encryption on your network.
  2. Avoid been tracked.
  3. Avoid been tracked by hackers.

Aside from the above reasons why you need to secure your location after tracking my location is under control, there are still some individual reasons why you need to secure your location. It is only a layman will rely on the original location provided by your network providers “not protecting your location, revealed by your network provider” And mostly, many wills asked such below questions;

  • Can I be tracked using my location?
  • Can I be hacked with just my location?
  • If my IP is revealed, what will happen?

Like as I have mentioned, sorry to say when your location is mapped out, you are insecure and you are vulnerable to been hacked. What are we saying here is that, you location is your IP ADDRESS once your IP ADDRESS is leaked out then, your location is unveiled. Now, lets put some little insight on the hacker’s side. But first, let’s know little or more about IP ADDRESSES.



An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.


To my little ways of understanding, that is the best I could offer about the IP ADDRESS. Communicating to the web servers it captures your IP ADDRESSES and stores them in their web server database.

Google free website creator
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It is very important to secure your location (IP ADDRESS) to avoid been tracked and vulnerable to been hacked. But, the problem is that 87% don’t know the importance of this.

After knowing all these implications and the penalty, let’s see how we can be able to track my location and how to totally securing your location will next to been published. It is my advice that you bookmark this webpage and most especially subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest updates.


There are many ways to track my location on the web today which some webmasters are providing. Which will simply give you your location. But, I don’t trust some meaning, they can save and explore the location for public specifications. The best way to track your location should regard the below.

Track my location with Google Maps.

track my Location

Google Maps is a tool that provides the service of giving you the current location regardless of where you are. The reason why I recommend this way is; is a free tool, and it will provide you the current location. To be able to track my location with google map follow this step below;

Open any browsers of your choice either firefox or chrome.
Log in to your Google account.
Use this link
Your current location will appear bold on-screen.
Click on the Country location.
Search your nearby location.

Following this method will give you the actual location one of the most incredible things is that, you will also get your street locations. I make use of this daily whenever I need to browse the internet.

If you have any questions to write regarding this what is my location track my location you can use the comment box and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel JOE GURUS TECH for our latest updates.

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