How to Legally Resolve YouTube Copyright Strikes 2020 Tips
YouTube Copyright Strikes

How to Legally Resolve YouTube Copyright Strikes 2020 Tips

How to Legally Resolve YouTube Copyright Strikes 2020 Tips

What happen when someone (YouTube Creator) receive youtube copyright strikes? Today articles we are going to write about some solution when you as a YouTube Creator get a strike from your fellow YouTube Creator but first let us consider some fact about this article coverage.

What is YouTube Creator (A YouTuber)?

A YouTube creator can also be called a YouTuber. They are the creates videos
on a specific niche and upload it on the YouTube platform. YouTube is one of the popular search engines that render services and helps to online search with the help of streaming videos online (charges may be applied). So, those videos that render services or help regarding what your search is they are creates by people who are called the YouTuber or YouTube Creators.

Can I be a YouTuber or YouTube Creator?

The platform is free no limitation or no Country restriction. But, if you are interested in joining as creator this is my advice for you; you must be equipped with the necessary requirement in making your videos and follow the YouTube policies and laws. Now, YouTube is a field of competition which means, over millions of videos is uploaded a day some with same niches you have to maintain your stand and stand out different.

What kind of Niches or Videos should I Upload to YouTube?

Like stated above YouTube is a free platform that does not require you to pay for the video uploading. Any videos can be uploaded on YouTube except ADULT CONTENTS and some content videos that are harmful. Don’t forget to check out their YouTube contents policies and see fully the videos that are restricted from the platform.

Some Niches on YouTubes that are Pupolar

There are some most popular niches that you can make a video about and publish on YouTube such can be:

High paying youtube niches
Some YouTube Niches
  1. Tutorial videos.
  2. Entertainment videos.
  3. Health videos.
  4. Movies. Can be Trailer videos, ETC.

Examples of a tutorial and entertainment videos, if you don’t still know, is Joe Gurus Tech YouTube channel and Naija Entertaining TV YouTube channel. Create a video on your choosen niches and upload them to YouTube and watch your channel growing.

Best way to check location to avoid leaked data

What is Swift Code BIC

YouTube Free Intro Video

Become a Successful YouTuber

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Having all these ideal on YouTube now let’s move back to the major target on this article. How I can legally resolve youtube copyright strikes on your channel if you have any. If you go through their policies which is a must to maintain.

A YouTuber have the privilege to maintain a 2 couples of strikes with copyright on the same 1 to 2 months. If your channel is stain with 3 copyright strikes with 1 to 2 months your channel will permanently terminate. These are one of recommendation if you receive a youtube copyright strikes which I will suggest in order to reinstate your channel. NOTE: this is tested!

YouTube Copyright Strikes Help to Reinstate your Channel.

YouTube Copyright Strikes
YouTube Copyright Strikes png
  • Make an appeal to the Climate
  • Waite for the strike to expire this will happen after 3 months.

This is how it works! I use and it worked for me, you can try your best luck and if favoured, it will work for you. Material that may infringe copyright can be Background sound, thumbnails, voice clips, Images on the videos, ETC. Suggesting making an appeal may help to resolve this issue.

Make an appeal to the Climate

A channel of mine was strike because of a background music from a claimant this is what I did which help me to reinstate my channel and have 0 copyright strikes. After the notice of the strike, the mails and the video ID of that specific claimant will be mailed to your mailbox. Copy out that email sends him a message. If you don’t know what to send you can use my format that I used to recovered the strikes.

Text files to Recover YouTube copyright strikes.


This is (YOUR CHANNEL NAME, to know who is sending the mail.) I received a strike that involves background music on one of my video which gave me a strike and put my channel at risk. (NOTE: you have to be sincere.) I could remember I gave a credit link direct to your channel on that video description. Please, if not satisfied with that credit link to your channel. I promise I will remove the background music from that video (YOU CAN NOW REMOVE MUSIC OF ALREADY UPLOADED VIDEOS.). If possible just to have my channel reinstate. Please, accept my plight and respond to my rescue. THANK YOU.


Trust me, this is the tactic I use to recover my video and reinstate my channel back. In the next 3 days, I received a reply from the claimant said:

I understand your plight and I have reinstated and reverse the strikes back. I am most concerned about your statement the music will be removed totally if not.!
I am afraid I may take my music back.


The above method is to consider setting your Channel free from YouTube copyright strikes. If the above seems not to work out then, I suggest working with my last recommendation.

How to Reinstate YouTube Channel 2 Option.

This way is recommended when you have no choice after submitting an appeal and been rejected. This will be the best option. According to YouTube policies, a channel is set to have 3 chances to stand if copyright strikes popups. And if the channel receives more than that, then that channel will be terminated for copyright offenses.

On this note: the first strike is temporal warnings from YouTube and the warning times expired after 3 months’ time if your channel is not striking again. So, your channel will be reinstated after 3 months’ time.

I hope will help in getting your channel to reinstate from youtube copyright strikes.

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