How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners | 2019 Successful Tips

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners | 2019 Successful Tips

As a YouTube beginner, how can you lay a concrete youtube channel? How to start a youtube channel for beginners or as a beginner. To start a YouTube channel have to do with many trial stages. Laying a solid YouTube channel is what beginners need to practice nowadays because it takes a single click to end up your hard work overnight, what the heck.!

Today post, I will share with you the most important keys I want to do and not to do as a YouTube beginner either for you or for a friend. Friend ones told me, YouTube is so hard, to begin with, but, all of his ideas were opposed due to the foundation he started with. You can also find more tips here YouTube Help – Google Help.

Now, let’s turn things around! how to start a YouTube channel for beginners or as a beginner? There are several actions YouTube community demand from you as Youtuber for a beginner in other to know your activeness and rules abridgment.

Like the recent article I dropped a complete guild on YouTube Tips you should not ignore as a YouTuber boat for advance YouTubers and Beginners also. So, here we are going to learn differently in all just for Beginners.

You want to start promoting your videos on YouTube. How to become successful in it, how can I start a youtube channel as a complete beginner.? These are a similar question we asked ourselves each time we have the ambition to start.

Feeling like “I can’t do it!” No.! You have the ball, you can control it so, why not try it.! Why not try the keys stated below and see the turn-up.

Keys to Become Successful YouTuber for Beginners in 2019

Keys to Become Successful YouTuber for Beginners in 2019
Keys to Become Successful YouTuber for Beginners in 2019

The followed keys are minded drafted out ways to help you stay successful YouTube for complete beginners. Try out the keys ways and see the effect that will follow:

  1. Choose fewer competition Niches.
  2. Be ethical of your ambition.
  3. Learn to create a fancy Thumbnail.
  4. Continual posting videos on your Channel.
  5. Never compare yourself to other YouTubers (esp big YouTubers).
  6. Don’t be so eager to Earn!
  7. Practise SEO on your videos. (To rank your videos)
  8. Don’t worry about having the fanciest camera out there. …
  9. Always includes Audio in all your.
  10. Use simple editing software. You can try VideoPad software premium here for free!

These are some of the most important keys as a beginner to put into practice in other to achieve success.

Things that can Increase my YouTube Visibility

There are some minor keys that will help you to increase your YouTube channel visibility. They are very compulsory which will be of help to increase your YouTube rank and audience engagement. Check out the listed ones below they will definitely help:

  • Add your Intro Videos. (get one free here)
  • Don’t forget to create your YouTube Channel Art.
  • Updates your Description (very important!)
  • Work on the thumbnails of your video.
  • Publish HD videos (people like engaging in HD videos)
  • Don’t spam in a way of getting audience attention.


As a YouTube beginner, you must put SEO into practice especially when your selective niches have a lot of competition. By making your YouTube SEO strong, you can outrank your less competition niche that is weak in YouTube SEO.

I still want to encourage you, as YouTube beginners, you should always seek for guilds and direction on all your work. And your video should look more engaged in people,s eyes.

For those that are in Tech, trick, and many niches, there is better Android screen recording software an example of these is AZ Screen Recording you can be using the Android screen recording app to capture your work.

For editing area, I strongly recommend Kinemaster Video editing app available on your Android in all version but version 4.0 above is required. On the video publishing aspect, you can schedule the posting interval section by sections.

Like, releasing two videos in a week. But, as a complete beginner, I strongly encourage you for the rapid growth of your channel, you should keep on a post without creating an interval. But, you can be posting 3 videos on a weekly basis.

Like I said, if you are a YouTube beginner or looking for a way on how to start a YouTube channel for beginners and have a question to ask regarding this topic, you can please use the comment box for your queries. NO SPAM COMMENTS!

You can do good to your colleagues that want to embark on this journey by sharing this post to them to learn something great! Thank you as you do that.

As a YouTube beginner, it is so rear to start a concrete foundation of YouTube channel. This post will work you out on how to start a YouTube channel for beginners’ successful tips for 2019 YouTube updated policies.

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